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Pledge for a
Healthy Democracy.

Are you an elected official in Pennsylvania? See the pledge signatories and add your name below!

Pennsylvanians deserve a democracy that fights for working people.

That's why I, as an elected official in PA, pledge to:

  • Reject any political contributions from billionaire Jeff Yass and his many affiliated PACs – like Students First, Commonwealth Leaders’ and more.*




  • Resist Yass’s privatizing and profiteering agenda, which aims to use taxpayer dollars for private and religious school tuition over funding public schools, keep taxes low for billionaires, and block climate solutions.  

* The PACs where Yass is a majority donor include, but are not limited to: Students First PAC, Commonwealth Leaders PAC, Commonwealth Children’s Choice Fund, Pennsylvania Rising, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania PAC, Excellent Schools PA, Philly for Growth (Philadelphia), Coalition for Safety and Equitable Growth (Philadelphia), Save Allegheny County (Allegheny Co), Middle Path Action (Allegheny Co).

Are you an elected official in Pennsylvania?
Join other PA elected officials in pledging to protect our democracy and the needs of working people.


Pledge Signatories

Lisa Borowski, HD 168

Tim Briggs, HD 149
Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz, HD 29
Liz Fiedler, HD 184

Danielle Friel-Otten, HD 155
Roni Green, HD 190
Carol Kazeem, HD 159
Malcolm Kenyatta, HD 181
Tarik Khan, HD 194
Rick Krajewski, HD 188

Katie Muth, SD 44
Maureen Madden, HD 115

Jennifer O’Mara, HD 165

Nick Pisciottano HD 38
Lindsay Powell, HD 21
Tarah Probst, HD 189
Nikil Saval, SD 1
Josh Siegel, HD 22
Izzy Smith Wade-El, HD 49
Ben Waxman, HD 182

Lindsey M. Williams, SD 38

Join the growing list of PA's elected officials who pledge to protect our democracy and fight for the needs of working people, not billionaires!

Take the pledge below.

*updated 4-18-2024

 Sign onto the pledge to protect the health of Pennsylvania's democracy below.

Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to confirm your addition to the public pledge.

Thanks for signing the pledge! We will be in touch with you to confirm your addition to the pledge shortly.

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